The Truth about Hateful Rhetoric and Violence


Following two mass shootings over this last weekend, social media is raging with denunciations of hateful rhetoric, and President Trump is the target.  So let’s talk about hateful rhetoric.

We all know Trump’s rhetoric against illegal immigration, and we remember those infamous words about Mexico during the campaign, “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re [their*] rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Someone who might be a white supremacist goes on a killing spree in El Paso, and as the USA Today reported, “[i]nvestigators are reviewing writings shared online in connection with a possible racist motive in the assault, the officials said. El Paso police are investigating the shootings as a possible hate crime.”  And so, he may be a white supremacist, we have no idea if he has any interest in Trump, but we’ll find out.  He’s still alive, and he has a manifesto published.

Following this tragedy, most of the major Democratic Pres. candidates were as quick to blame Trump as to express their sorrow.  Buchanan with TAC covered all of these responses.  The one that stood out most to me was the very first one, from Beto O’Rourke:

Trump “is a racist and he stokes racism in this country…and it leads to violence. …We have a president with white nationalist views in the United States today.” He called Trump’s language about Mexican immigrants “reminiscent of something you might hear in the Third Reich.”

Several others followed suit, and naturally, internet land was raging with similar rhetoric.

So what about that other shooting?  Toledo?  No, Mr. President.  It was Dayton, Ohio.  This time, the shooter described himself as a “pro Satan leftist” who supports Elizabeth Warren.  As of now, we have no idea what his motivation was for the shooting.  He’s dead, so the police can’t interrogate him, and they have not found any kind of “manifesto” so far.


The Consequences of Hate

Buchanan’s TAC article explained how hateful rhetoric could backfire on the DNC candidates.

“Yet blaming the massacre in El Paso on the rhetoric of Donald Trump is a charge that could come back to bite his attackers. Neither the right nor left has a monopoly on political extremism or violence. And the hate-filled rhetoric of the left last weekend exceeds anything that’s been used by Trump.”

A pretty good point, but I think Buchanan didn’t consider their plan B, the “Guns” argument as shown in my Flow Chart earlier.  Don’t underestimate the ability of neoliberals to spin, nor the gullibility of their rank-in-file.  So far, most of the corporate media has kept their heads on straight.  They probably don’t want another “Covington” embarrassment.  We’ll see, however, if that continues as hateful rhetoric towards the President escalates.

What’s far worse is the continued violence.  MLK once said “A riot is the language of the unheard.”  He said this while repeatedly and consistently denouncing violence.  Hence, he did not advocate violence, but acknowledged what was driving it.  In a modern context of lone-wolf white male killers, I could reword this as “A mass shooting is the language of the unheard”.  Blacks are an oppressed community.  Lone white males are unheard individuals, socially isolated.  As more young people connect to the internet, rather than to their neighbors, people are dehumanized, and emotional outrage is amplified.  Spewing hatred towards Trump does just as much to fuel this as white supremacy!

Unlike many religious leaders, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew, resisted the temptation to get impeded in partisan and ideological interests.  He looked to his moral and spiritual compass, the Christian Orthodox faith, and got to the root of the problem:

His All-Holiness strongly condemns every act of hatred –  racial, religious or social, and also any form of violence and fundamentalism, wherever they come from. Hate and violence, he points out, cause a great deal of pain and fear, and are sometimes the cause of further acts of violence in the form of revenge. In the face of this soaring, dangerous and bloody phenomenon, he notes, every good-natured person must display strong spiritual resistance. He calls on everyone to work, through dialogue and in a spirit of mutual respect, to preserve the good of peaceful coexistence and cooperation, against practices that reinforce fear and the division of society.**

Like Dr. King, the EP knows that hate begets hate; violence begets violence.  His All Holiness, in calling for “mutual respect” and “peaceful coexistence and cooperation”, is stating in more specific detail what Dr. King already stated a half century ago:

“Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”



*This quote is from a speech, not a transcript, so we don’t know if Trump was saying “they’re” or “their”, but it could be an important distinction. Was he saying that Mexican immigrants who come ARE rapists “they’re rapists”, or is he saying that Mexico is sending their (possessive) rapists?

** As the EP’s comments were originally in his native tongue, the above is a paraphrased summary of the content from the Greek Orthodox Church of America.


El Diablo is a Nevertrumper

El Diablo Nevertrump1

I can’t believe it took me two and a half years to think of this!  But seriously, when MSNBC, and CNN, and other corporate media outlets bring on war criminals from the Bush era to lament the rise of Trump, this is what they look like!

I’m thinking of doing a short fictional work on here – El Diablo 2020!  We’ll see if I find the time, but essentially, the plot is that nevertrumper El Diablo runs as a Democrat to be the first Otherkin President, and to defeat Trump, which of course is the most important thing of all.  #anybodybuttrump  He’s Satan trapped in a man’s body, and thinks of himself as LGBTQ+ because of the whole “Otherkin” thing.

Trump is making peace, and “liberals” hate him for it!


These are crazy times!

In 1972, Democrat George McGovern ran against then President Nixon on a peace platform.  McGovern (D) was the hippies’ candidate.  McGovern’s supporters were often chastised as “communists” and told to “go to Russia!”

In 2004, Kerry ran against Bush criticizing him for Iraq.  Around that same time, Betty Castor (D) ran against Mel Martinez (R) in Florida for a US Senate seat.  Martinez ridiculed her for calling the US the “global bully”.  Republicans loved putting their Bush/Cheney bumper stickers on their pickup trucks, right next to the “How do you like US now!” with images of bombs falling on the middle east.  Can anyone have imagined then a Republican President leading the charge towards peace, while Democrats chastised him and claimed he was doing it to help Russia?!

Yet here we are!  A few months ago, Trump made an important first step towards peace with N. Korea, and Rachel Maddow chastised him for it and claimed he was doing it to help Russia.  Now, Trump has announced that we will be withdrawing from Syria, as ISIS has been defeated, and surely enough, the “liberals” are chastising Trump for “helping Russia”?

How did we get here?

I have two theories.  1.  “Liberals” hate Trump so much, they will simply oppose anything and everything he is for.  2.  “Liberals” were never really advocates of peace, but of globalism.  It’s unilateral warmongering that they oppose, not warmongering in and of itself.

So, either the “liberals” are blinded by their hatred of Trump, or they are prepared to inflict mass suffering and death on people in the Middle East who did NOTHING to us, just to test out their far-fetched theories of globalism and “nation-building”.  I’m leaning toward #1, the hate theory.  The reason being that Trump is also trying to pass a rather substantial prison reform bill right now (The First Step Act).  Despite the fact that African Americans have for decades lamented racial injustice in the criminal justice system; the entire Congressional Black Caucus (all Democrats) opposes this bill that Trump supports.*

Just in case you think the entire American Left has gone insane, let me reassure you.  There’s a few principled ones left on the left.  Jimmy Dore never fails, and he has said that Trump’s recent announcement is good news, and has called out so-called “liberals” for their hypocrisy.  “Trump has so completely ruined Liberals brains that they now publicly cheer on war and military confrontations with Nuclear powers”

And no, Dore is not shilling for Trump.  He also criticized Trump for not also cutting military spending and re-investing it in America.  You see, Dore has these things called principles.  It’s something I vaguely remember liberals having many years ago, like, early Obama era (pre-Libya).

Another principled lefty, Cornel West, warned us about this two years ago.  He warned us of the Democrats’ hypocrisy.  “…when you actually look at the reinforcement of the new Jim Crow…that occurred under Democrats; it would persist under Hillary Clinton.”  Given that Clinton’s very loyal Congressional Black Caucas is unanimously opposing Trump’s efforts to roll back the new Jim Crow, it seems West was right.  On this matter of peace abroad:

“Can you imagine Russian troops in Mexico and Canada?  What would US response be?  Well that’s very much what NATO troops are vis a vis Russia…but that kind of provocation for Russia that has nuclear arms is the kind of thing that Hillary Clinton supported, and her connections to the Robert Kagans and Henry Kissingers are just frightening!”

I haven’t been able to find Cornel West’s take on Trump’s recent announcement, but I’d be eager to hear it.  West has described the Trump administration as “neo-fascist” on multiple occasions, but he is not afflicted with blind partisan hatred.

Despite a handful of principle, it looks like most of the American “left” would rather hate Trump than give peace a chance.




*Since posting this, the CBC supported the final version of the First Step Act, and I and so many others are grateful for their insistence on a truly substantial bill before passing, rather than just a symbolic gesture.

**I’m not sure where Mr. Chase’s politics are, so I’m not putting him in with West and Dore.  I just shared his post because it’s clever and adds some perspective to this lunacy.

Sorry Democrats, You Can’t Have It Both Ways


“Liberals” in June:  OMG!  Trump’s starting a trade war!  He’s going to cause a recession!

“Liberals” now:  Well, the economy is thriving because…Obama


Sorry “liberals”, you can’t have it both ways.  Now I recognize that Obama left Trump a pretty healthy economy.  But if you’re going to claim that Trump is about to crash the economy, and then the economy thrives even more; then if you’re intellectually honest, at least some of that credit goes to Trump.

Like it or not, Democrats aren’t getting the recession of their dreams.  Those pesky jobs reports just keep showing job growth, and higher median outcome.  And furthermore, those “marginalized groups” that Dems feign such compassion for, they are benefiting!  The median income for Hispanic households grew 3.7% in Trump’s first year (and that’s adjusted for inflation)!  Yeah, sorry about Trump’s nasty comments about “rapists” and “drug dealers”, but the “good people” Trump also mentioned who come here legally seem to be doing well under this administration.

We can win this trade war, a trade war that China started, even with the corporate media trying to undermine it every step of the way.  We just gotta keep up the fight, and not let our poor, lost fellow Americans glued to CNN get to us with all the manufactured talking points from the corporate boardrooms of the MSM.  Remember, though, that these fellow Americans are lost.  They’re not our enemies.  Contrary to what HRC once expressed, no human being is irredeemable.  As they come at us with their talking points, we need to try to get through to them.  Pointing out my initial point here, is a good start.

Lily White Liberals In Chicago


Rahm Emanuel is really clearing out the undesirables.  First he declared Chicago to be a “Trump free zone”. Isn’t it great to know that while sipping your pumpkin latte, you won’t have to run into one of those deplorables?  

But there’s something else that could spoil your day. Part of being a lily white liberal is liking oppressed minorities from a distance.  You wouldn’t actually want to step out of your comfort zone and mix with regular black folk, now would you? Sure, one or two is fine, if they’re like Carlton Banks!  

Well Rahm Emanuel has a solution!  Gentrification! It’s an oldie but a goodie!  The Gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy called him out!  As reported by the Chicago Tribune:

“I believe that black people are being pushed out of Chicago intentionally by a strategy that involves disinvestment in communities being implemented by the city administration, and I believe Rahm Emanuel is the head of the city administration and therefore needs to be held responsible for those outcomes,” Kennedy said during a news conference about gun violence in North Lawndale.

“This is involuntary. That we’re cutting off funding for schools, cutting off funding for police, allowing people to be forced to live in food deserts, closing hospitals, closing access to mental health facilities. What choice do people have but to move, to leave?” Kennedy added. “And I think that’s part of a strategic gentrification plan being implemented by the city of Chicago to push people of color out of the city. The city is becoming smaller, and as it becomes smaller, it’s become whiter.”

Predictably, Emanuel responded by comparing Kennedy to Trump.  That’s what establishment Democrats do when real progressives call them out as the lily white corporatists that they are.  But maybe that’s not such a bad comparison! After all, Trump seems more comfortable hanging out with Kanye West than the average politician or journalist of any color.  


Meanwhile, blacks in Chicago, the vast majority of whom are peaceful, law abiding citizens, are asking for Trump’s help. La Shawn K. Ford, a Democratic State Representative, said:

We have to make sure that President Trump recognizes that not everyone believes that Chicago is a Trump free zone.  If he’s serious about helping the people in Chicago, especially on the west side of Chicago, I accept his help.

Who can blame him?  Rahm Emanuel sees crime and poverty, and his solution is to gentrify them out!  Why shouldn’t Rep. Ford turn to Trump for help? Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s shown a willingness to talk to black leaders and discuss how to address what afflicts them.  There’s much that Trump doesn’t understand, and in many ways, Trump is privileged. But at least he’s making a genuine effort, which is more than I can say for the lily white liberals.

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How The Left Brought Me To Trump

Trump with Steel workers

I didn’t leave the left, the left left me


Though I’m conservative in some ways, I never fit in with the right.  I have compassion for the poor, I care about the environment, I loathe militarism abroad and have no problem calling the US a “global bully” when it’s acting like one.  Aside from that, I have a genuine concern for the well being of working people and disdain for corporatists who exploit them. You won’t typically hear me refer to the rich as “the job creators”.  Doesn’t that make me some kind of socialist?

(I hope I haven’t lost my Trumpian readers yet.  Stick with me, my dear deplorables. It’ll be worth it, bigly!)

In the early Bush era, I was an undergrad in Florida, still learning about the world and forming my political views.  One day I saw an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show that really opened my eyes. She discussed the horrible working conditions of children in sweatshops in India.  They would work 12 hours a day in the textile mills, making inexpensive clothing and other cloth for export. Being crouched over in the same position all day, every day for so many years caused many of them to grow up deformed, even going blind.  Someone in the audience dared to ask the question that needed to be asked – do we bear some blame for that, as we buy those goods in our stores? Yes, she dared to “blame America”.

From that moment on, I became very outspoken against child labor in particular, but also the exploitation of cheap labor anywhere in the third world (ahem, I mean “developing world”).

Throughout the Bush era, I became ever more disgusted with the American right, and the Republican Party.  It was the party of endless wars overseas. It was the party that considered itself the “savior of the world”, even having the audacity to suggest that the countries invaded should be grateful for American intervention!  And on top of that, while mainstream Democrats like John Kerry had at least some compassion for working people (even if apathetic on his ability to do anything about it), Republicans called those in need “lazy” while sending more jobs overseas.  As Bush continued his foreign military adventurism, our military weapons were more and more imported from China, all while our government borrowed money – from China!  This was the Republican Party that became the source of all evil in the world to me.  It was the Republican Party that had to be defeated at any cost.

(Still with me, my dear deplorables?)

The “Messiah”

In 2008, hope came.  Hope, that this evil legacy would change.  Yes, you know who I’m talking about. We were going to bring our troops home from Iraq.  We were going to put the money we were blowing in Iraq towards infrastructure at home. No longer would America “police the world”.  Now America would clean up its own backyard.

Obama is a great speaker.  As the economy plunged into the Great Recession, he filled so many of us with hope.  In my hometown of Jacksonville Florida, there was a growing progressive voice on the radio.  Led by a local former State Representative, Andy Johnson, progressive talk finally had a place on the airwaves!  In addition to his local program, he played nationally syndicated talk radio programs also. My favorite was usually Ed Schultz (May his memory be everlasting)  

Schultz had the kind of passion, and in-your-face style of early Rush Limbaugh.  He wasn’t politically correct, and didn’t have a smug bone in his body. He was an advocate for working Americans.  While the sweatshop issue had been in the back of my mind, as I was more concerned with the state of our country, Ed Schultz brought it back to the forefront.  More like Ross Perot than Oprah Winfrey, Schultz spoke of how outsourcing affected US. He spoke of the bad trade deals made over the decades, and the erosion of America’s manufacturing sector.  When it came to PC issues like gay marriage, abortion, he was on the left. Sure, why not?  Not my business.  That was pretty much his attitude.  But this wasn’t his focus. He brought my attention to efforts to revive American manufacturing, including a website called  

So, if Ed Schultz, a nationally syndicated progressive radio host, and later MSNBC host, is all about American jobs, then FOX must be all about sending our jobs to China, right?  After all, in 2009, Obama passed a tire tariff on China (still grateful to Obama for that one by the way). “CPAC” was very critical of Obama for this. I started calling them CCPAC, as in “Chinese Communist Party Action Committee”.  

(My dear deplorables, thank you for your patience.  You’ll like this next part!)

But wait!  It wasn’t long after that I heard the owner of being interviewed on Fox and Friends!  Say what?!  Yes indeed!  Maybe the right isn’t all evil after all.  And not long after that, I was exposed to political Trump for the first time.  It was on Ed Schultz’s radio show!

What do Ed Schultz and Donald Trump have in common?

Ed Schultz was pleasantly surprised to hear long shot 2012 Republican candidate Donald Trump talking about – tariffs!  Tariffs?! From a post-Reagan Republican?! Yes! Tariffs!

On his radio show, Schultz actually said he might support Trump.  Sure, he’s a Republican, and probably wants to cut taxes on the wealthy, but tariffs!  Tariffs! Glorious, glorious, tariffs!

Then I heard Trump was a birther.  Uggg!

(Sorry Trumpians, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.)

The False Messiah

All while this was happening, I was becoming increasingly disappointed in Obama.  I admit. My hopes were way too high in 2008! But still, he could have at least tried to keep some of his most important campaign promises.  Well, at least we got that tire tariff, and he wasn’t starting any new illegal wars, right?

Then Libya.

After a few years of struggling to fix our economy, and dragging our feet as we slowly withdrew from Iraq, Obama made the biggest foreign policy mistake of his entire Presidency.  He was supposed to be a man of peace! What happened? Hillary Rodham Clinton! That’s what happened!

I underestimated just how damaging Obama’s air-strikes would be.  But they were enough to topple the only stable government in Libya, and create a power vacuum to be filled by terrorists and slave traders.  

As the Gen. Election of 2012 was between Obama and Romney, and Romney just looked like Bush-lite to me, I held my nose and voted for Obama.  But not with the same enthusiasm as I did in 2008. I wasn’t excited this time; not much hope for change. But the status quo of the Obama era was preferable to the status quo that came before.

Coming around to Trump

It’s like a cheesy romance movie.  Ya know the kind where the girl first finds the guy obnoxious, thinks she’d never date him in a million years.  But then she gets used to all his quirks, and finds some things about him she likes? By the end, she’s in love?


Thinking back to the birther years, I remember Obama mocking Trump.  He played the “live birth” video, which was actually a clip from the Lion King.  I was ROFL! I even bought the coffee mug of Obama’s Birth Certificate with “Made in USA” on the other side.  Buy American, right Trump?

Though many things about Trump are nothing short of sickening to me, he was the only candidate boldly talking about changing America’s unsustainable trade practices.  I loved THAT about Trump, and not much else. The only other candidate who even came close on that issue was Bernie Sanders. Neither Trump nor Sanders were my first choice, but as Sanders seemed to have the best chance in the primaries, he got my vote.  

But there she was, Her Royal Clintonness.  Her husband had sold us out to China, sold us out to Mexico, wrecked what was left of Yugoslavia and handed Kosovo over to a bunch of Al Qaeda linked terrorists.  But Hillary isn’t her husband, right? Not quite, but close enough. I already discussed Libya above, and lets not forget that Hillary also supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and of course, the invasion of Kosovo during her husband’s administration.

But she’s a woman!  And we’ve never had a woman president.  And she’s all for LGBT issues! And she’s pro-choice!  And she’s sensitive to the struggles of ethnic minorities!

Gimme a break!  First, I’ll happily vote for a woman who deserves to be President.  Let our first woman president be someone we can be proud of. On LGBT issues, Her Royal Clintonness goes whichever way the wind blows.  She was against gay marriage until it was cool.  Trump, by contrast, was actually bold enough to promote LGBT rights in the Republican primaries!  Where it’s not so cool. Pro-choice? Well I’m pro-life, so piss off with that! As for ethnic minorities, Hillary Clinton was a very outspoken supporter of her husband’s crime bill in 1994.  Following that, we’re in a situation now where 1 in 3 black males will be arrested in their life times if nothing changes.  Trump is far from perfect I realize, but I’ll not be lectured to on racial inequality by Hillary Clinton or any of her supporters!

Trump Got Better

Many years before, I was pleasantly surprised when the Tea Party, that would re-invent the American conservative movement, actually seemed to go a bit to the left of Obama when it came to militarism abroad.  Please understand that I respect our soldiers who enlist to put their lives on the line for our country. I respect them so much that I loathe politicians who would put them in harm’s way for any other purpose.  Libya was no threat to us. The government of Libya was violently suppressing a violent revolution against it. It’s what governments do. But I actually heard people in the Tea Party criticizing Obama for intervening, including talk radio personality Michael Savage.  Also, as principled advocates of smaller government, they wanted to reduce wasteful military spending and get our military to focus on national defense. I figured Rand Paul was the only barer of these sentiments in the Republican Primary.

But in the debates, despite all of Trump’s history of boisterous, provocative talk, he showed himself to be cautious, and even humble, on American foreign policy.  He had no problem criticizing Hillary Clinton for her reckless interventions.  Shortly after winning, when the Democrats started their neo-McCarthyite witch-hunt, Trump even dared to rhetorically ask “You think our country is so innocent?”  WOW! Is Trump “blaming America”? I love this guy!

Let me be clear about what it means to love your country.  Love is hard. Love can even be cruel. Love is not, however, enabling.  Enabling is easy. If you see someone hurting themselves, it’s easy to pat them on the back and tell them it’s OK to keep doing what they’re doing.  It takes love to grab them by the shoulders and say, “Stop doing this to yourself.” That’s how I feel about America when I see us engaged in these reckless, foreign wars that topple stable governments and empower terrorists.  The enablers might say that I “hate America”. But no, this is true love.

In 2000, I liked that Bush advocated for a more “humble foreign policy.”  Then he betrayed us. In 2008, I like that Obama ran on getting us out of Iraq.  And then, Libya. In 2016, I was proud to see a President who was ready to use our military the way it’s meant to be used – to fight those who would attack us, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.  Not to police the world. Not to cooperate with “the global community.” No. To protect America’s interests.

The Final Straw

Trump isn’t perfect.  I hear he’s engaged in some military action in Syria, and I wish he weren’t.  But at least he had the sense to hold off until ISIS was reduced to feebility.  And it doesn’t look like he’s trying to topple the government. But on the Korean front, he’s working towards peace! President Moon of South Korea, whom I’ve come to greatly respect, even said Trump should get a Nobel Prize!  The American people also largely support the North Korean summit, even though Trump remains highly controversial.

But in case you thought Rachel Maddow had even a shred of integrity left, here’s the sad truth.  The same Rachel Maddow that once welcomed the Tea Party’s calls for cutting wasteful military spending; is the same Rachel Maddow that now chastises Trump for the North Korean summit, and even accuses him of doing it to help Russia!  What?! Red bating and warmongering from “progressive” Rachel Maddow?


The “Democrats” Today

I once saw the Democratic Party as the party of the people.  They were the ones who would fight for American jobs, resist the warmongers, regulate the big banks, protect their environment.  I would put up with all the PC stuff, because it was worth it to vote “in my own best interests”, right? Now, can Democrats even pretend to be the party of working Americans anymore?  In 2004, John Kerry criticized Bush for outsourcing and promised to end tax incentives to companies that send our jobs overseas. Now, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to embrace “free trade”!  WTF?!!!!!

The treatment of Bernie Sanders and his supporters only furthered revealed the truth.  For no other reason than Sanders’s gender, he and his supporters were accused of being “sexist” and called “berniebros” as a pejorative.  The first time I heard the term “berniebro”, I liked the sound of it. But in today’s PCed Democratic Party, masculinity is “toxic”, so nobody wants to be a “bro”.*

Today’s Democratic Party is a corporate sponsored circus of political correctness, allied with neoliberal imperialism!  As long as they got gay marriage, they don’t care what happens to the rest of us. They don’t care about poor Appalachian whites, they don’t care about struggling African Americans, they don’t care about Latinos unless they’re illegal immigrants, and even then only care about how much they can exploit them!  But they raise lots of money from Goldman Sachs to pursue their social agendas! I really don’t care one way or the other if gays marry, or what bathroom and trans-person uses, but I’m not about to sell out America’s working class over it. But the Democrats have!


I’m so fed up with those pumpkin latte sipping elitists, that I’ll even vote for Trump.  Trump may be rude, crude, and sometimes lewd, but at least he cares about the working class.  And don’t tell me he doesn’t! He’s slapping tariffs on China faster than Bill Clinton can zip up his pants!  Much as I love Kyle Kulinski, a principled liberal unafflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome, I don’t think he gives Trump enough credit.  I’m glad to see someone on the left criticizing Trump for being still too interventionist on foreign policy. I admit I’ve gone soft on Trump for this.  But Kulinski doesn’t give Trump credit for the tariffs. The Young Turks, once harsh critics of bad trade deals, is actually echoing CNN and warning about the “trade war” that Trump is supposedly starting!  

This is the American left today.  A handful of principled Jimmy Dore and Kyle Kulinski types on the outskirts, and a large mainstream of TDS afflicted corporatists who only care about you if you are useful to the sexual revolution and wear a vagina hat!  Respectable, two-parent households, just need to check their privilege, right?! Well, I’ll take all my light-beige skinned, happily married, church attending privilege to the polls and vote for Trump, despite that “R” next to his name, and Americans of every skin tone with similar values are welcome aboard the #trumptrain !


*For those hoping to use this article as “proof” that “berniebros” cost Clinton the election, the facts are not on your side.  I’m one of the few.  94% of Sanders voters went Clinton in the Gen. Election, compared to over 30% of Kasich voters going Clinton instead of Trump, 11% of Rubio to Clinton, and 7% of Cruz to Clinton.