Why Political Correctness Sucks!


When I read a recent hit piece against Tucker Carlson, calling him “racist”, “misogynist”, etc. I found myself asking a very odd question – What would Louis Farrakhan say?

WHAT?!  Louis Farrakhan?!!!  The “Nation of Islam” guy?

Yes, Louis Farrakhan.  Keep that in the back of your mind as I continue.

So this ridiculous hit piece in the New York Magazine  dug up some comments from at least 10 years ago where Carlson called in to the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show – a shock jock semi-political talk radio show from a bygone era of free speech and offensive free-for-alls.  If you ever listened to Bubba the Love Sponge back in the day, you’d know the nature of this show.  He had guests of every race, creed, and color.  He endorsed Obama for President in 2008.  He endorsed Alex Sink (Dem.) for Governor of Florida in 2010.  Sponge, in the 1990s, was known to make many homophobic comments, but by 2010 (if not sooner) was a full supporter of marriage equality.  But Sponge didn’t apologize.  That’s not his style.  Sponge speaks off the cuff, calls himself a “fat ass” and “stupid ass”, and speaks the same way to many of his friends.  That’s how he rolls.  Anyone with any sense, and a skin thicker than cling wrap, knows not to take anything said on that show too seriously.  I think he was inspired by Howard Stern also (need I say more?)

So onto Tucker Carlson’s comments, I’m not going to trust NYMag’s claim that he called women “extremely primitive”, since they only quoted those two words not the complete sentence.  I will say this.  Some people are extremely primitive.  I think it’s more shocking when it’s women, because the stereotype is that men are boorish, and women are supposed to “civilize” us.  It’s likely that a younger Tucker Carlson was experiencing the inevitable shock that comes from women falling off the pedestal that we men tend to place them on.

Probably the worst of Tucker Carlson’s comments were the claim that white people or Europeans* were responsible for “creating civilization”, which they called “white nationalist rhetoric”.  And there was also the stereotypes about Iraqis being “semi-literate primitive monkeys.”  I won’t defend these comments, but I will say how they should be addressed momentarily.

This brings me to Louis Farrakhan.  As a white person, shouldn’t I be deeply offended that the Nation of Islam regards white people as a “devil race”?  It does offend me, yet I listen to Farrakhan.  Unlike the SJWs who want to PC Tucker Carlson off the air, I can imagine how Farrakhan would respond to Tucker Carlson – with education.  One of the things I’ve learned from listening to Farrakhan is that some of the oldest civilizations are black.  I’d also heard it from old Malcolm X speeches, I’ve seen bits from an interesting black conservative I like to follow on twitter, Chidike Okeem,** about ancient pyramids in the Sudan.  That got me studying the ancient Kingdom of Kush.  But before I get on a tangent about Kush, let me bring this back to Tucker Carlson’s comments.

Educate, Rather than throwing a PC tantrum

While the author of this NYMag article did not throw a tantrum, we all know the intent of this.  It’s to cause a hyperbolic reaction from SJWs and try to get Carlson fired.  Here’s a much better solution.

First, remember that Carlson said these things 10 years ago (which is not an excuse), and he might have learned a lot more since then.  But even if he hasn’t, it would be far more productive to engage him, rather than trying to ruin him.

I’m sure if anti-PC Tucker Carlson were in a room with anti-PC Louis Farrakhan, that Farrakhan would bare him no ill will, nor try to ruin his life.  He’s very in-your-face, so he might call Carlson “ignorant”, and his comments were, indeed, ignorant.

Learning from Farrakhan, and many others, I’d recommend that Carlson have a dialogue on his show.  Actually talk about the history of civilization.

Carlson’s ignorant statements from 10 years ago are easy to refute, and it would do a far greater service to humanity to educate Carlson rather than PC him off the airwaves (though I don’t think they could get FOX to fire him anyway.)

What Carlson Needs to Learn About Civilization

First, the Iraqis that he ridicules, actually sit on top of the first human civilization ever – Mesopotamia.  The ancient Mesopotamians were clearly not “white”.  They were likely brown, like their Arabic descendants.  Their Arabic descendants invented the numerals that we rely on now for basic math.  So much for “semi-literate Monkeys”.

Second, many of the earliest civilizations were black, some were Asian, and eventually olive-skinned Euro-Mediterranean; but none of them were white.  Before the invasions began, Ancient Egypt was an African civilization and likely black.  Kush was certainly a black civilization, related to Egypt.  These two kingdoms built the wonder that is the pyramids!  The Chinese, far away from all of this, also had a remarkable ancient civilization that invented the compass, type printing, paper making, just to name a few.

Third, all of this happened while white people were still either the Viking ancestors wearing furs and surviving the frozen wilderness, or Celts with their faces painted blue.  I don’t say these things to knock our ancient ancestors.  They bared the cold of northern Europe and later made great developments in human civilization.  But in the scope of human civilization, we were late comers.

Lastly, we didn’t build modern civilization on our own.  It is fair to say that white people led the creation of modern civilization.  From the printing press, parliamentary government, to the industrial revolution and modern science; whites have led the modernization of human civilization.  However, we stood on the progress of previous civilizations of many colors, and lest we forget, much of the hard labor was done by black slaves.  Even if modern civilization was the only civilization in human history, haven’t blacks made more than their fair of contributions, all things considered?

PC History, White-Washed History, and Real History

As whites took the lead in civilization, our ancestors developed a strong sense of superiority.  Over the centuries, they effectively erased, or minimized the civilizational contributions of other races and created a narrative that puts whites, or at least our olive-skinned Roman cousins, as the Alpha and Omega of civilization.  This kind of cherry-picked, and often false history should be rebuked.  But recognizing that it was the mainstream narrative for centuries, we shouldn’t assume the worst when someone erroneously perpetuates that narrative.  While white nationalists have the worst of intentions, when a free thinker like Tucker Carlson echos something similar, it’s likely the result of ignorance.  The antidote to ignorance is knowledge.

To counter this narrative, we’ve also been exposed to a deeply faulty PC history.  This version of history often exaggerates the contributions of marginalized groups, while largely ignoring the positive contributions of European civilization.  Whites are cast as the “oppressor class”, and everyone else is the “oppressed”.  This even includes LGBT persons, which is a completely different issue from race, yet PC history often digs up bits of LGBT history that have been buried, and blames “white supremacy” for their suppression, as though every other race on the face of the earth were some kind of LGBT rainbow paradise, until those darned white people came along!

When researching, and telling history, we need to all agree on one primary principle – the accuracy and completeness of telling history is more important than anything else.  It’s more important than putting your own people in a positive light.  It’s more important than lifting up “marginalized groups”.  And it’s certainly more important than peoples’ feelings and what they find offensive.  We shouldn’t assume that any source is entirely objective, nor should we silence any source.

The Tucker Carlson who called in to the Bubba the Love Sponge show ten years ago has a lot to learn.  But he won’t learn anything by being politically correct.

“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.”
— Malcolm X



*Again, NYMag took two words and possibly butchered the context

**For the record, I don’t discuss Okeem and Farrakhan in the same paragraph to suggest that they are similar.  They don’t have very much in common, other than a desire to inform modern western civilization about the ancient history of black civilization.

***I’ve referred to some rather disparate sources to make my point.  We learn a lot more with a market-place of ideas than we do by worrying about feelings, and trying not to be offensive.


Criminal Justice Reform is happening! Thanks Trump!

Trump is doing so much good lately I just can’t write the blog posts fast enough!  So I’m making this more of a shout out.  President Trump just signed into law the First Step Act, which aims to reform our overcrowded prison system by addressing recidivism, releasing many non-violent offenders into parole, and focusing more on education and rehabilitation.  It’s about redemption, rather than just punishment.

I wrote on this subject more extensively in 2016 during the campaign.  “Can We Finally Get Criminal Justice Reform In 2017?

(Update!  I made a crucial mistake in the next paragraph regarding the Congressional Black Caucus.  As it is my practice to correct my mistakes, rather than cover them up, I’ll leave my original words, but rectify my error in the notes at the end with the corresponding asterisk)

The highly partisan “Congressional Black Caucus”, sadly, did not support it.  Now I will agree that it doesn’t go far enough.  We need to address mandatory minimums and harsh sentencing also.  But as George Orwell would say, a half a loaf is better than no loaf.  So many in the Congressional Black Caucus backed that warmonger Hillary Clinton, who passionately supported the Crime Bill of 1994, which is the most institutionally racist law of the post-Jim Crow era.  They backed her claiming pragmatism, claiming that while HRC isn’t perfect, at least she was electable.  ROLF!!!!!!!

At least she isn’t Trump, right?!!!!!

The current members of the CBC are a disgrace!*  I won’t say the caucus itself is a disgrace.  Black Americans still face so many barriers, they need to be represented anyway they can.  But these current members put partisanship before the well being of the people they are supposed to represent.

I’ll also point out that the First Step Act being less than perfect did not stop the principled Van Jones from supporting it.  Van Jones has little nice to say about President Trump, and has called him racist and worst.  But Van Jones knows that a good idea is a good idea, regardless if it comes from the left wing, the right wing, or a chicken wing on a string at burger king.  That’s why I’ve always respected him.

So, in conclusion, this is a victory for criminal justice reform, but not THE victory.  Let’s keep the momentum!  This is great, but we need more.

But for now, thank you Mr. President for doing more to combat institutional racism than any president since LBJ.


*I was wrong.  The CBC initially opposed the “First Step Act”, but after some changed were made, they supported it in it’s final version, while expressing the need for more substantial criminal justice reform to follow.  It appears I’m actually on the same page with the CBC, and I’m truly sorry for my harsh choice of words.  (As you can tell, I wrote this initial post in a hurry, and should have done my research.) Here is the CBC’s official statement on this https://cbc.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=970 )

Trump is making peace, and “liberals” hate him for it!


These are crazy times!

In 1972, Democrat George McGovern ran against then President Nixon on a peace platform.  McGovern (D) was the hippies’ candidate.  McGovern’s supporters were often chastised as “communists” and told to “go to Russia!”

In 2004, Kerry ran against Bush criticizing him for Iraq.  Around that same time, Betty Castor (D) ran against Mel Martinez (R) in Florida for a US Senate seat.  Martinez ridiculed her for calling the US the “global bully”.  Republicans loved putting their Bush/Cheney bumper stickers on their pickup trucks, right next to the “How do you like US now!” with images of bombs falling on the middle east.  Can anyone have imagined then a Republican President leading the charge towards peace, while Democrats chastised him and claimed he was doing it to help Russia?!

Yet here we are!  A few months ago, Trump made an important first step towards peace with N. Korea, and Rachel Maddow chastised him for it and claimed he was doing it to help Russia.  Now, Trump has announced that we will be withdrawing from Syria, as ISIS has been defeated, and surely enough, the “liberals” are chastising Trump for “helping Russia”?

How did we get here?

I have two theories.  1.  “Liberals” hate Trump so much, they will simply oppose anything and everything he is for.  2.  “Liberals” were never really advocates of peace, but of globalism.  It’s unilateral warmongering that they oppose, not warmongering in and of itself.

So, either the “liberals” are blinded by their hatred of Trump, or they are prepared to inflict mass suffering and death on people in the Middle East who did NOTHING to us, just to test out their far-fetched theories of globalism and “nation-building”.  I’m leaning toward #1, the hate theory.  The reason being that Trump is also trying to pass a rather substantial prison reform bill right now (The First Step Act).  Despite the fact that African Americans have for decades lamented racial injustice in the criminal justice system; the entire Congressional Black Caucus (all Democrats) opposes this bill that Trump supports.

Just in case you think the entire American Left has gone insane, let me reassure you.  There’s a few principled ones left on the left.  Jimmy Dore never fails, and he has said that Trump’s recent announcement is good news, and has called out so-called “liberals” for their hypocrisy.  “Trump has so completely ruined Liberals brains that they now publicly cheer on war and military confrontations with Nuclear powers”

And no, Dore is not shilling for Trump.  He also criticized Trump for not also cutting military spending and re-investing it in America.  You see, Dore has these things called principles.  It’s something I vaguely remember liberals having many years ago, like, early Obama era (pre-Libya).

Another principled lefty, Cornel West, warned us about this two years ago.  He warned us of the Democrats’ hypocrisy.  “…when you actually look at the reinforcement of the new Jim Crow…that occurred under Democrats; it would persist under Hillary Clinton.”  Given that Clinton’s very loyal Congressional Black Caucas is unanimously opposing Trump’s efforts to roll back the new Jim Crow, it seems West was right.  On this matter of peace abroad:

“Can you imagine Russian troops in Mexico and Canada?  What would US response be?  Well that’s very much what NATO troops are vis a vis Russia…but that kind of provocation for Russia that has nuclear arms is the kind of thing that Hillary Clinton supported, and her connections to the Robert Kagans and Henry Kissingers are just frightening!”

I haven’t been able to find Cornel West’s take on Trump’s recent announcement, but I’d be eager to hear it.  West has described the Trump administration as “neo-fascist” on multiple occasions, but he is not afflicted with blind partisan hatred.

Despite a handful of principle, it looks like most of the American “left” would rather hate Trump than give peace a chance.




*I’m not sure where Mr. Chase’s politics are, so I’m not putting him in with West and Dore.  I just shared his post because it’s clever and adds some perspective to this lunacy.

Truth About the Caravan – CD Comics

CD Caravan

So many of my good-natured friends have bought into this.  At the beginning, I did too.  I still said from the beginning that we need to do this legally, but I was under the impression that they were “fleeing for their lives.”  I then saw the truth on DC Whispers, that a groups of these migrants went to our border authorities demanding either to be processed and admitted to the US quickly, or to be paid $50,000 each to return home.  Now, I haven’t know DC Whispers to publish any fake news in the time I’ve been following, (very opinionated, but not fake) but I realize it’s pretty independent.  So I traced it back to their source, FOX, and then FOX’s source, The San Diego Union Tribune (a pretty basic, established local newspaper)

*On my comics, feel free to screen cap them and share to your heart’s content.  Just leave them unaltered please.

Reflections On Bush – From A Perot Youth


It’s a cosmic injustice when a man is a victim of his own success.  I think that pretty well describes George H.W. Bush in the photo above from 1992, as Bush debated Perot and Clinton in his failed attempt at re-election.

I was about 10-11 years old at the time, and had just developed my love for politics and debate.  I knew then what I know now – Bush was a good man, but he represented America’s past.  Perot was the future.  (Maybe not Perot himself, but the ideas he ran on.)

Bush always had a modesty about him, and that’s part of the reason he was underappreciated at the time.  But he was actually a very significant one-term President.  I recently heard his dear friend, and wise former Sec. of State James Baker say that Bush was the most substantial one-term President in our history.  (More than John Adams?!)  Well, I would maybe give him most significant one-term President of the 20th Century.

Bush represented the end of an era.  It was the bipolarity of the Cold War.  Bush saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, the soaring economy from the second half of the Reagan era, prudently worked with Congress to manage the soaring debt from the Reagan era, and then led the charge to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  I know plenty of good, peace loving people who have labelled Bush a “warmonger” for Operation Desert Storm.  This is misguided.  A war monger looks for reasons to go to war.  A cautious realist goes to war when necessary.  When a dangerous dictator that controls some of the Arab oil supply, conquers a neighbor to control more of the Arab oil supply, war is necessary.  I think Bush used as much force as was necessary, and no more.  Truly, this is the kind of leadership you can expect from a humble man with the kind of character judgement to chose someone like James Baker to be his Sec. of State.

The problem for Mr. Bush was that by the end of his first term, he had finished solving all of yesterday’s problems.  America’s hard hats, and my 10-year old self, were all like “yes yes yes, thanks for winning the Cold War, and winning Operation Desert Storm and all, but now what?  What about our jobs?”

Ross Perot is a true patriot.  I noticed on stage that Perot seemed to have a certain respect for Mr. Bush.  That didn’t stop him from fiercely debating him on his naive trade philosophies.  Bush may have been prudent when it came to foreign policy, but he was idealistic and horribly misguided on trade.

The above photo says it all.  Bush was dignified, but passing.  Perot passionately argued for our country’s future.  But to the right, smugly, stands Bill Clinton.  Opportunistically he positioned himself to take the White House by taking cheap shots against Bush for having compromised on taxes.  Opportunistically did he position himself as a moderate on trade, only to sell out America’s working class at the first opportunity.  Perot’s ideas may be America’s future, but Bill Clinton was America’s present at the time.  It was a present where the greatness built by people like George H. W. Bush would be squandered by political opportunists playing “moderate” like Bill Clinton, and fiercely partisan demagogues like Newt Gingrich.*

Some said McCain’s death represented the end of an era?  No.  McCain was just another “moderate”.  Less sleazy than Clinton? Sure, but that’s a low bar!  Bush’s death does represent the end of an era.  An era where political leaders really were public servants who were self sacrificing, and would lose an election for the good of the country.

RIP Mr. Bush.  You lived a long, amazing life!



*Gingrich has his good points, but I meant what I said.  For the record, I actually don’t think “demagogues” are all that bad, but they do rouse passion and impede critical thinking, though they usually represent legitimate grievances.

Sorry Democrats, You Can’t Have It Both Ways


“Liberals” in June:  OMG!  Trump’s starting a trade war!  He’s going to cause a recession!

“Liberals” now:  Well, the economy is thriving because…Obama


Sorry “liberals”, you can’t have it both ways.  Now I recognize that Obama left Trump a pretty healthy economy.  But if you’re going to claim that Trump is about to crash the economy, and then the economy thrives even more; then if you’re intellectually honest, at least some of that credit goes to Trump.

Like it or not, Democrats aren’t getting the recession of their dreams.  Those pesky jobs reports just keep showing job growth, and higher median outcome.  And furthermore, those “marginalized groups” that Dems feign such compassion for, they are benefiting!  The median income for Hispanic households grew 3.7% in Trump’s first year (and that’s adjusted for inflation)!  Yeah, sorry about Trump’s nasty comments about “rapists” and “drug dealers”, but the “good people” Trump also mentioned who come here legally seem to be doing well under this administration.

We can win this trade war, a trade war that China started, even with the corporate media trying to undermine it every step of the way.  We just gotta keep up the fight, and not let our poor, lost fellow Americans glued to CNN get to us with all the manufactured talking points from the corporate boardrooms of the MSM.  Remember, though, that these fellow Americans are lost.  They’re not our enemies.  Contrary to what HRC once expressed, no human being is irredeemable.  As they come at us with their talking points, we need to try to get through to them.  Pointing out my initial point here, is a good start.

Trump’s Most Leftist Supporter

It’s no wonder Democrats like illegal immigrants so much; the legal immigrants think for themselves!  People like Caxcan* and his family, who immigrant legally from Mexico and wherever else, and appreciate this country; they help make America great!  I’m happy to embrace Caxcan as my fellow American!

When I started watching Caxcan’s video, for the first few minutes, I thought he was criticizing the #walkaway movement.  I was getting ready to comment that his title was misleading, but I decided to listen to most of it first.  I’m glad I did!

In some ways, he is criticizing #walkaway, but he does so constructively.  He basically lays out his very left of center political views, explains why leaving “the left” is a bad idea, and then goes on to explain something I figured out years ago.  Trump actually has more in common with the true left than the average Democrat these days!

Several times, Caxcan discussed “free trade” and how harmful it’s been to Latin America.  He discusses why he believes socialism is the solution.  And explains why Trump’s trade policies are a step in the right direction.  And here I thought I was Trump’s most leftist supporter!  I embrace some elements of socialism, but am still essentially a capitalist, but I favor a very regulated capitalism.

Like Caxcan, I never walked away from my principles; I walked away from the party that I’m constantly told adheres to my principles, but I can plainly see doesn’t.  I’d rather get half of what I believe in from Trump, than none of what I believe in from the Democratic Party.

Walking away doesn’t mean becoming a Republican.  I was so proud to reluctantly vote for Trump, and nervously thrilled when he actually won!  But I didn’t vote for that “R” next to his name.  Like Caxcan, it’s his trade policies!

Caxcan’s message is clear.  Don’t #walkaway from “the left.”  #walkaway from ignorance.  I don’t know how many views he’ll get.  He isn’t the best video-maker, unfortunately, and spoke rather slowly and impromptu.  I’d recommend he make a script next time and keep it short and sweet.  But his message is one that people all across the spectrum need to hear.

We need to stop being trapped into this false “left/right” dichotomy that we think overlaps the “Democratic/Republican” dichotomy.  This is what causes Bernie Sanders voters to hold their noses and vote for imperialist Hillary Clinton, even though they have more in common with Trump on policy .  This is what could also cause today’s Trump voter to vote for tomorrows revived neocon Republican – the only thing the neocon of the future and Trump will have in common is tax cuts and an “R” next to their name.  When we #walkaway from partisan ignorance and prejudice, we can clearly see the issues, and vote for candidates who represent our values, rather than voting for rhetoric and party labels.


*I couldn’t find a name on his youtube channel, but he identifies with his Caxcan ethnicity, so I’ll call him Caxcan for the time being.