About PoliticallyWag

Are you sick of partisan politics?  Are you tired of red-baters on the right, and race-baters on the left?  On this blog I will largely share my centrist perspective on politics.  I will also engage in some social commentary and occasionally discuss the culinary arts.

In real life, I am a struggling college adjunct professor of political science.  I earned a Master of Science in Political Theory from the London School of Economics.  I teach my courses as objectively as I can, and I will likely conduct considerable research in the future.  This blog is a more casual place for me to sound off.  Don’t confuse my political centrism for a kind of neutrality or moderation.  I am quick to criticize the left, the right, libertarianism, anti-theism, religious fanaticism, and even fellow centrists.  I also find some common ground with these various groups.

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Follow my youtube channel for my more objective, educational content:  https://www.youtube.com/user/ProfessorWag




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