Why Political Correctness Sucks!


When I read a recent hit piece against Tucker Carlson, calling him “racist”, “misogynist”, etc. I found myself asking a very odd question – What would Louis Farrakhan say?

WHAT?!  Louis Farrakhan?!!!  The “Nation of Islam” guy?

Yes, Louis Farrakhan.  Keep that in the back of your mind as I continue.

So this ridiculous hit piece in the New York Magazine  dug up some comments from at least 10 years ago where Carlson called in to the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show – a shock jock semi-political talk radio show from a bygone era of free speech and offensive free-for-alls.  If you ever listened to Bubba the Love Sponge back in the day, you’d know the nature of this show.  He had guests of every race, creed, and color.  He endorsed Obama for President in 2008.  He endorsed Alex Sink (Dem.) for Governor of Florida in 2010.  Sponge, in the 1990s, was known to make many homophobic comments, but by 2010 (if not sooner) was a full supporter of marriage equality.  But Sponge didn’t apologize.  That’s not his style.  Sponge speaks off the cuff, calls himself a “fat ass” and “stupid ass”, and speaks the same way to many of his friends.  That’s how he rolls.  Anyone with any sense, and a skin thicker than cling wrap, knows not to take anything said on that show too seriously.  I think he was inspired by Howard Stern also (need I say more?)

So onto Tucker Carlson’s comments, I’m not going to trust NYMag’s claim that he called women “extremely primitive”, since they only quoted those two words not the complete sentence.  I will say this.  Some people are extremely primitive.  I think it’s more shocking when it’s women, because the stereotype is that men are boorish, and women are supposed to “civilize” us.  It’s likely that a younger Tucker Carlson was experiencing the inevitable shock that comes from women falling off the pedestal that we men tend to place them on.

Probably the worst of Tucker Carlson’s comments were the claim that white people or Europeans* were responsible for “creating civilization”, which they called “white nationalist rhetoric”.  And there was also the stereotypes about Iraqis being “semi-literate primitive monkeys.”  I won’t defend these comments, but I will say how they should be addressed momentarily.

This brings me to Louis Farrakhan.  As a white person, shouldn’t I be deeply offended that the Nation of Islam regards white people as a “devil race”?  It does offend me, yet I listen to Farrakhan.  Unlike the SJWs who want to PC Tucker Carlson off the air, I can imagine how Farrakhan would respond to Tucker Carlson – with education.  One of the things I’ve learned from listening to Farrakhan is that some of the oldest civilizations are black.  I’d also heard it from old Malcolm X speeches, I’ve seen bits from an interesting black conservative I like to follow on twitter, Chidike Okeem,** about ancient pyramids in the Sudan.  That got me studying the ancient Kingdom of Kush.  But before I get on a tangent about Kush, let me bring this back to Tucker Carlson’s comments.

Educate, Rather than throwing a PC tantrum

While the author of this NYMag article did not throw a tantrum, we all know the intent of this.  It’s to cause a hyperbolic reaction from SJWs and try to get Carlson fired.  Here’s a much better solution.

First, remember that Carlson said these things 10 years ago (which is not an excuse), and he might have learned a lot more since then.  But even if he hasn’t, it would be far more productive to engage him, rather than trying to ruin him.

I’m sure if anti-PC Tucker Carlson were in a room with anti-PC Louis Farrakhan, that Farrakhan would bare him no ill will, nor try to ruin his life.  He’s very in-your-face, so he might call Carlson “ignorant”, and his comments were, indeed, ignorant.

Learning from Farrakhan, and many others, I’d recommend that Carlson have a dialogue on his show.  Actually talk about the history of civilization.

Carlson’s ignorant statements from 10 years ago are easy to refute, and it would do a far greater service to humanity to educate Carlson rather than PC him off the airwaves (though I don’t think they could get FOX to fire him anyway.)

What Carlson Needs to Learn About Civilization

First, the Iraqis that he ridicules, actually sit on top of the first human civilization ever – Mesopotamia.  The ancient Mesopotamians were clearly not “white”.  They were likely brown, like their Arabic descendants.  Their Arabic descendants invented the numerals that we rely on now for basic math.  So much for “semi-literate Monkeys”.

Second, many of the earliest civilizations were black, some were Asian, and eventually olive-skinned Euro-Mediterranean; but none of them were white.  Before the invasions began, Ancient Egypt was an African civilization and likely black.  Kush was certainly a black civilization, related to Egypt.  These two kingdoms built the wonder that is the pyramids!  The Chinese, far away from all of this, also had a remarkable ancient civilization that invented the compass, type printing, paper making, just to name a few.

Third, all of this happened while white people were still either the Viking ancestors wearing furs and surviving the frozen wilderness, or Celts with their faces painted blue.  I don’t say these things to knock our ancient ancestors.  They bared the cold of northern Europe and later made great developments in human civilization.  But in the scope of human civilization, we were late comers.

Lastly, we didn’t build modern civilization on our own.  It is fair to say that white people led the creation of modern civilization.  From the printing press, parliamentary government, to the industrial revolution and modern science; whites have led the modernization of human civilization.  However, we stood on the progress of previous civilizations of many colors, and lest we forget, much of the hard labor was done by black slaves.  Even if modern civilization was the only civilization in human history, haven’t blacks made more than their fair of contributions, all things considered?

PC History, White-Washed History, and Real History

As whites took the lead in civilization, our ancestors developed a strong sense of superiority.  Over the centuries, they effectively erased, or minimized the civilizational contributions of other races and created a narrative that puts whites, or at least our olive-skinned Roman cousins, as the Alpha and Omega of civilization.  This kind of cherry-picked, and often false history should be rebuked.  But recognizing that it was the mainstream narrative for centuries, we shouldn’t assume the worst when someone erroneously perpetuates that narrative.  While white nationalists have the worst of intentions, when a free thinker like Tucker Carlson echos something similar, it’s likely the result of ignorance.  The antidote to ignorance is knowledge.

To counter this narrative, we’ve also been exposed to a deeply faulty PC history.  This version of history often exaggerates the contributions of marginalized groups, while largely ignoring the positive contributions of European civilization.  Whites are cast as the “oppressor class”, and everyone else is the “oppressed”.  This even includes LGBT persons, which is a completely different issue from race, yet PC history often digs up bits of LGBT history that have been buried, and blames “white supremacy” for their suppression, as though every other race on the face of the earth were some kind of LGBT rainbow paradise, until those darned white people came along!

When researching, and telling history, we need to all agree on one primary principle – the accuracy and completeness of telling history is more important than anything else.  It’s more important than putting your own people in a positive light.  It’s more important than lifting up “marginalized groups”.  And it’s certainly more important than peoples’ feelings and what they find offensive.  We shouldn’t assume that any source is entirely objective, nor should we silence any source.

The Tucker Carlson who called in to the Bubba the Love Sponge show ten years ago has a lot to learn.  But he won’t learn anything by being politically correct.

“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.”
— Malcolm X



*Again, NYMag took two words and possibly butchered the context

**For the record, I don’t discuss Okeem and Farrakhan in the same paragraph to suggest that they are similar.  They don’t have very much in common, other than a desire to inform modern western civilization about the ancient history of black civilization.

***I’ve referred to some rather disparate sources to make my point.  We learn a lot more with a market-place of ideas than we do by worrying about feelings, and trying not to be offensive.

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