Who is really giving a megaphone to “deplorables”?


Who is really giving a megaphone to “Deplorables”?

Throughout the last several decades, white supremacist groups have been in their rightful place – the margins of society and the butt of several jokes.  The most attention that the KKK could hope for was a slot on the Jerry Springer show, somewhere between the lesbian cousin lovers and the “kung fu hillbilly”.  In the late 1910s to early 1920s, however, the Klan enjoyed a brief period of being part of the American mainstream.  The Klan of today sometimes tries to make itself palatable to the American mainstream, and desperately seeks attention, but they can’t achieve this if nobody even bothers to notice them.

The “Deplorables”

According to Hillary Clinton, there’s always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, steeped in racial resentment. But it’s never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it, and giving it a national megaphone. Until now.”

Frequently we hear stories of some Klansman, or former Klansman, who decided to support Donald Trump.  White supremacists in this country are very anti-immigration, and Trump’s desire to build a wall and deport 11 million illegals certainly appeals to them.  But one need not be a white supremacist to support enforcing immigration laws.  And these white supremacists would likely disagree with Trump’s support for LEGAL immigration.  

Of course, Trump has also received kind words from the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  Farrakhan, an avid anti-Semite, likes that Trump is the only member who has stood in front of the Jewish community and said ‘I don’t want your money.”

There’s plenty of reasons that radicals, and “deplorables” might support Clinton or Trump, but acknowledging these groups only gives them a megaphone.  No such megaphone has been given by the Trump campaign to the USA Communist Party, which has endorsed Hillary Clinton, nor should there be.

Who is really granting them a megaphone?

Remember David Duke?  Most Americans, especially young Americans, probably didn’t even know the name until it came out that Duke was endorsing Trump.  Those who did know the name were probably more than happy to let him fall into anachronistic obscurity right along with the KKK of which he was once a member.  But David Duke cleverly breathed new life into his infamy by giving the mainstream media the opportunity to tarnish Trump’s campaign by drawing attention to David Duke’s half-hearted endorsement.  Trump made the mistake of individually disavowing him, thereby giving him the attention he sought.  Fortunately, Trump has been careful not to repeat that mistake.

In truth, Clinton and her supporters do more to help groups like the KKK, or the less extreme white nationalist “alt-right” movement by constantly denouncing them and Trump for having their tacit support.  There are plenty of Klansman nobodies, trying to become somebody by saying, “Hey, I’m wearing a white sheet with a swastika on my arm and I’m voting for Trump”.  Every now and then, someone from the Klan will get clever and endorse Clinton instead.  Oooopsss!  Didn’t see that one coming!  

If Trump goes through each of his deplorable endorsements, calling them out by name and disavowing them individually, all he will accomplish is recognizing that these people are even worth noticing.  Trump has collectively disavowed all white supremacists, and that’s all he should do.  Anything more just gives them the attention they crave, which it seems Hillary Clinton and her supporters are happy to do.


Where have I been?

Just when the primaries were over, just when it came time to start commenting on the lesser evil race between the mad Trump and the wicked Clinton, I disappeared!  Or did I?

Actually, I’ve started posting for a new, mostly political site called “The Pavlovic Today“.  An old colleague of mine from LSE started it up, and I’ve been contributing mostly to the “Afterimage Review” section.  You can see mine, and many other great articles there.

As this is new, it is still defining itself.  At the moment, the owner of the website, Miss Pavlovic herself, seems to be trying to decide whether she wants this to be a hub of op eds from different points of view, or a more objective media analysis site.  While she’s figuring that out, I plan to keep contributing and see no reason to stop, but it will affect the content that I publish on Pavlovic.  Which brings me back here.

After some discussion with her, I made it clear that it is her site, and if some of my articles are too controversial, or just not what she is looking for, I’d rather her just turn them down than try to make them work by altering them.  I have my own blog, right here, so I can publish all my hard hitting, controversial op eds I like.  So, if you’ve missed, me, I’m back!  I’ll have a piece out in the next few days on Trump and the “deplorables”, and how I think the Clinton campaign is actually playing into the hands of these “deplorables” by attacking Trump with them.

I hope you’ll also follow The Pavlovic Today, and articles do have a comment section.  If you check out the site and like to offer some advice for the overall direction, I’d recommend using the comment section here.