Top 5 Christmas Songs…and one more


My musical tastes have always been eclectic, and I hope you enjoy my picks for my favorite Christmas songs…and one more.  All links will open in a new window, so you can keep this up while you listen/watch.

5.   Last Christmas – Ariana Grande

I have no idea why I like this version so much lately, I just do.  I like the way she has the fugue in the background to an already good song (the original was by some group called Wham).

4.   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / We Three Kings – BNL & Sarah McLaughlin

I’ve always liked this as a hymn, and this country-ish version has been echoing through my head lately.  I was really surprised to see Sarah McLaughlin!  I would have expected a country singer, but she does this very well.  Enjoy!

3.  Oh Holy Night – Pavarotti

I love Pavarotti, God rest his generous soul!  This version is solidly operatic, exactly what you’d expect from the great Pavarotti!

2.   Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys

Definitely the most fun Christmas song, and its pure Beach Boys.  They didn’t alter their style at all.  You’ve got everything from the usual higher pitch singers blending in perfect harmony, to the low contrast that comes in with “Christmas comes this time each year” – my favorite part.

1.   Christmas Time –  The Darkness

My all-time favorite Christmas song!  This version is the music video, which really adds to it.  This band is, as the name suggests, a typical dark toned heavy metal band, but you’ll get none of that here.  The song does have some sadness to it but…well, just wait and see.  It’s beautiful!

And one more…

Christmas Time – Christina Aguilera

I’m not a huge fan of Christina Aguilera, but she is very talented when she wants to be.  She really did an excellent job here, from the Fa la la las, to the end.  The harpsichord was a nice tough too.  Well, I’m tempted to go into a rant about how she wastes her talents, but nah.  It’s Christmas!  I didn’t put this in my official top 5 list, but I just wanted to add it in because it has also been echoing through my head lately.


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