The Right Way to Criticize Obama, and the Inbred Way

Birthers Certified

Anyone with a basic understanding American politics can find plenty of legitimate criticisms of the Obama administration that deserve robust debate.  Obama needs to be held accountable for his broken promise to reform health care by providing a “public option”, instead of the corporatist individual mandate we got instead.  He needs to answer for the unauthorized airstrikes on Libya, arming rebels in Syria (which ended up arming ISIS), and the current unauthorized airstrikes on Iraq*.  We could also criticize the soaring national debt, the half-hearted attempts to slow outsourcing to China, the weakening of the US Dollar, the Solyndra bailout, NDAA of 2012, extensions of the Patriot Act (though he used to criticize Bush for this)…I could go on.

However, from the time I was an Obama supporter until now, as an Obama critic, I have been frustrated by the pathetic and often bigoted criticisms against Obama by a bunch of ignorant Uh’mer’cans who miss Bush!  These criticisms do nothing to help the Republican Party, our country as a whole, and nothing to actually hurt Obama.  They just legitimize Obama, and they have made people like me all the more reluctant to criticize Obama when needed.

Now that I’ve made my serious points, I’d like to lay out these absurd, inbred criticisms of Obama.  I realize that my labeling these people as “inbred” is an ad hominem, but hey, it’s not like these people are interested in a serious debate…so let’s have some fun.  I’m about to make a bunch of cheap, under the belt, sweeping generalizations, because these morons don’t deserve anything more thoughtful.  For the record, I’m fully aware that plenty of the stereotyped “rednecks” and “hillbillies” are often much smarter than they are perceived to be, and not necessarily into this stuff, (and few are actually inbred).  With no further disclaimers, here are the 3 main inbred criticisms of Obama, in order of least to most absurd:

3.  The Birthers Even now about 6 years into Obama’s administration, these people just won’t stop! The burden of proof is always on the accuser, not the accused.  Despite that, Obama showed his short form birth certificate, and then his long form.  However, they still aren’t satisfied!  They say, “Why did it take so long?”  Gee, maybe because the President of the United States has more important responsibilities than refuting a bunch of cousin loving bigots who think Obama should go to the back of the bus!  Get over it!  America is a more diverse country now, and your children go to school with the coloreds.  Some of us consider it a plus that Obama’s been around.  He has a better perspective.**

2.  “He’s a Communist!” There’s nothing knew about racist pricks calling black leaders “communists”.  Martin Luther King was called a communist, along with his supporters.  Obama’s politics are on the left side of the old dichotomy, and he’s black.  That hardly makes him a communist!  Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, and the rate to go to a whopping 39%, instead of 35%, is a far cry from communism.  We had a 92% marginal tax rate under Eisenhower!  Ike didn’t want to cut taxes until the budget was balanced.  Was Ike a communist!  Some of you might be thinking, “What about Obamacare?”  Obamacare is a form of crony capitalism, having nothing to do with socialism or communism.  I give a better explanation of this in (this video) about half way through.

1.  “He’s a Muslim!” This is the most absurd, and infuriating of all.  It’s used in part because though anyone who actually believes this was probably dropped on their heads as infants many, many times by their alcoholic mother, it’s actually a loaded accusation.  The real point isn’t to argue about Obama’s religion, but to get that undertone of Islamophobia out there.  If someone says, “He’s a Muslim”, and I say, “no he’s not”, the premise is that there’s actually something wrong with being a Muslim.  In a way, it’s actually clever from Islamophobes, because they can spread their hatred and have us distracted over Obama’s religion instead of defending the right of any American, including the president, to practice any religion, including Islam.  So now that this is established, that it wouldn’t matter if Obama actually were a Muslim, let me explain why he’s not.  He eats pork!  He doesn’t pray to Mecca!  He drinks in public!  And he goes to a Christian church!  Maybe he’s been to a Mosque at some point in his life.  His father was Islamic after all, so I imagine he’s been at least curious about Islam.  But he doesn’t practice Islam!  I almost wish he did, because I’d love to tell these cousin-loving morons, “Your president is a Muslim!  Deal with it!”  The Vlogbrothers actually had the patience to examine the evidence more thoroughly…if interested, click here.

Lastly, to my fellow Rand Paul supporters, you won’t help Rand if you fall into any of these 3 categories.  If you do, please keep it to yourself if you actually want Rand to have a good shot in 2016.  We need level headed swing voters, and they will be turned off by the above 3.

*For the record, I support doing what is necessary to stop ISIS, including these airstrikes, but Obama needs authorization from Congress to comply with the Constitution.

**On a personal note, I know that my time abroad gave me a better perspective of the world, but also restored my love for the good ol’ US of A.  (But these kind of people had nearly killed my faith in this country when I was in my early twenties, which is why I left for a while.)

What I didn’t include and why.

I didn’t include the whole “he plays too much golf” stuff because that seems to be thrown at every president.  They all play golf, and they all have to take calls, make decisions, even on the golf course.  They need to clear their heads whenever they can, so I don’t fault them for playing golf if that helps.  I also didn’t include the “deathers”, who question the death of Osama bin Laden.  I am not a “deather” myself, but I don’t think it’s crazy to question this.  We never actually saw the body, after all.  Still, I think he’s dead because if he were alive, Al Qaeda would love to show some new video of his to make us look the fool.


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