Ann Coulter really is an idiot – further proof

Ann Coulter Meme

Back in my “Blue Dog Radio” days, I did a piece exposing Ann Coulter’s partisan hypocrisy (Listen to it here if you like).   I have new evidence further proving her idiocy.  As you can see in the meme above, Ann Coulter rightly understands how big government “liberals” create problems, and then want to use yet more government to solve the very problems they create.  On that point, I agree with her completely.

However, this is the same Ann Coulter who supported the invasion of Iraq from the beginning, and now criticized Obama for not doing MORE to stop ISIS.  In other words, she supported a government solution to the lesser evil, Saddam Hussein, which helped create this environment that led to the very existence of ISIS.  Now she wants yet MORE GOVERNMENT to fix the very problem that people like her created?  Sorry Ann, but I must quote thy God, Ronald Reagan – “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem”.

If we had never done what Coulter and her kind wanted, ISIS would be no match for Saddam Hussein.  If we had just backed off and never gotten involved in Syria, Assad and his Russian allies would have defeated ISIS in Syria.  I’m not prepared to trust our current government run by neocons and globalist-liberals again.  As George Will once said, “conservatism seems to be saying government can’t run Amtrak, but it can run the Middle East.”  What sane person would support small government at home, but big government abroad?


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