Hobby Lobby Strikes a Blow for Religious Liberty


If Hobby Lobby put a stipulation on their employees that not one penny of their paychecks could be used for birth control, I’d be siding with the employees.  But that is not the case.  Nobody is losing their reproductive rights simply because Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to pay for it directly.  These employees are free to use their hard earned money however they wish, including, but not limited to birth control.  I could write pages denouncing the victim/entitled mentality of the so-called feminists on this, but I think Teresa Mull at Rare.com did so already very effectively, so I will instead encourage you to read her article.  My only criticism of this otherwise witty piece is that she continuously denounces “feminists”, and I don’t think that’s entirely fair to genuine feminists who actually do believe women are equal to men, and don’t need some big bad government to come in and subsidize their lady parts.

I’d also like to reiterate a point made by Lee Doren a few years back on this same topic.  Birth control doesn’t have to be expensive.  For one thing, condoms are actually very cheap.  You can buy one for about $1, or a big box for much cheaper per condom.  They are more effective than the pill anyway, and significantly reduce the risk of most STDs.  Furthermore, some birth control pills are more affordable than others.  (See the Doren vid)  But of course, as always with the left, this isn’t really about solutions.  It’s about control.  They wanted so badly to impose their beliefs on Hobby Lobby, and thanks to the Supreme Court (don’t say it, I know I’m not always a fan of them), but thanks to them, Hobby Lobby’s first amendment rights are protected.


Teresa Mill’s article in Rare.com


Lee Doren’s video on affordable birth control, and he gives non-religious reasons to oppose this part of Obamacare, since the left likes to pretend it’s all about religion:



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