Despite everything, I don’t regret Obama


I’m beyond sick of Obama.  He’s been a terrible disappointment to those of us who initially supported him due to his stances on civil liberties and ending the pointless war in Iraq.  Obama is actually considering getting back into Iraq now, and as for civil liberties, he’s turned out to be worse than Bush.  Despite all this, when I tell someone that I did indeed vote Obama, and they ask “Do you regret it now?”, I can honestly say “no regrets”.  (I discuss this in greater detail here)

I’m not going to apologize for voting for Obama, when McCain was the alternative.  At least Obama didn’t get us into Syria.  If it were up to McCain, we’d have attacked Syria, probably Iran, and we’d still be in Iraq!  Thanks to Obama, the Republicans are being forced to look at themselves in the mirror.  More and more Republicans every day are realizing that they can’t be the party of limited government at home, and simultaneously be the party of unlimited government abroad.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense!  If, to quote Reagan out of context as many Republicans do, if “government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem” – how then can our government be the solution to the rest of the world’s problems.

I’m glad Obama won, and I’m glad he won again.  Romney was a compromise from the neocons.  He wasn’t half as hawkish as McCain, but he too was deluded into thinking we can continue to fund this bloated military industrial complex and somehow balance our budget at the same time.  It won’t work!  The last 3 times we balanced out budget, under Eisenhower, Nixon, and Clinton respectively, we reduced military spending.  That should teach us something.

I sincerely hope that the Republicans finally get it.  I sincerely hope that in 2016 they will give us a Presidential candidate worth voting for.  Romney wasn’t terrible, but we can do a lot better.  As those who follow me know, I’m going for Rand Paul at this point.  The Republicans need a candidate who respects our Constitution in its entirety, doesn’t engage in Muslim-bashing, and knows full well that coupling tax cuts with more costly wars will just add more to our national debt…and more debt is just a promise of more taxes later on.  If the Republicans are serious about limiting the size of government and reducing the tax burden, than they need to be serious about limiting the size and scope of our military, as well as the rest of government.  Rand Paul is probably their best bet.  But if they don’t pick Rand, they need to pick someone similar.  If so, and if we get a President who will restore the balance of the 3 branches of government, and get our budget under control, then 8 years of Obama will have been all worth it.

“Anybody but Obama” is not a winning ticket.  Instead, the Republicans need “We have somebody much better than Obama”, and “We’re not the party of Bush anymore”.  They won’t all get it, but I hope enough of them will.  For those of us who don’t care if a black man with an Islamic name is in the White House, give us something to vote FOR.  Hate won’t bring us to the polls for you.


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