Lindsey Graham is no moderate! Nor are any of his neocon colleagues


The same old neoconned baby boomers who dominate the GOP just don’t get it.  As evidence of just how far out of touch they are with the rest of the country, they’ve nominated Lindsey Graham, possibly the biggest neocon in the whole Senate (maybe second to John McCain) for yet another term.  Because it’s South Carolina, that means Graham should have no trouble beating the Democratic challenger.  As a genuine centrist, and a foreign policy realist, I am offended that lately, they are trying to convince us that their bigoted, soft-fascist agenda is somehow “moderate” and “realist”.  They are nothing of the sort, as I’m about to show.

I just want to set the record straight regarding Graham.  He is no fiscal conservative, he’s no moderate, and he’s certainly no tea partier.  Left leaning media sources such as the Huffington Post are playing into the hands of Graham and his ilk, but presenting him as a good moderate who works across party lines.  There is nothing moderate, however, about Graham’s foreign policy, fiscal policy, or stance on civil liberties.  Graham has supported every military invasion and every potential military invasion he’s ever been asked to vote on.  (If you know of any exceptions, please let me know).  In so doing, that certainly rules him out as a fiscal conservative, because the kind of foreign policy he supports is so ridiculously expensive we can’t possibly hope to balance the budget at the same time, at least not without drastic tax increases, and you know Graham won’t go for that since he thinks he’s a conservative.  Hence, I’ve shown now that Graham is no moderate when it comes to government spending, or warfare.

I also want to show that his stance on civil liberties is very extreme.  That’s not difficult at all.  Graham fully supported every provision of the USA Patriot Act, which gave the executive branch the power to spy on Americans without a warrant or probable cause.  This was eventually struck down by the US Supreme Court, as it clearly violates the 4th Amendment, protection from “unreasonable search and seizure”.  Much worse, he was one of the most passionate supporters of the NDAA of 2012, which authorized the executive branch, through the Department of Justice, to arrest and indefinitely detain whoever they decide is a “terrorist” or in any way associated with terrorists, without ever having to take them to trial.

Graham’s complete disregard for the Bill of Rights, and support for an extremely costly and unsustainable foreign policy of endless wars shows that Graham is by far not the “moderate Republican” of the liberals’ dreams.  Some more genuine liberals I’ve known yearn for a return to Eisenhower style Republicans.  To say “I like Ike” is an understatement.  I love Ike!  But neocons like Graham couldn’t be any further of Ike, unless they became Nazis!  Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex that these neocons serve…heck, he coined that very phrase!  Furthermore, Ike very consistently supported the proper balance of powers between the 3 historical branches of our Federal Government, and tempered his support for civil rights advancements with a proper respect for the Bill of Rights, causing him to have a rather mixed reputation among civil rights advocates, but a spotless record for constitutional conservatives.

So to my liberal friends who think that people like Graham, McCain, Cantor, etc. are now the “moderates”, unlike those “crazy tea baggers”, let me just remind you that when Bush was in office, you probably had more in common with those “crazy tea baggers” like Rand Paul, than you did with these neocons you now tacitly support.  I know many of you are deeply upset at the obstructionist tactics used by Senate Republicans during Obama’s first year in office to block anything and everything, just for the sake of obstruction.  It made me sick too.  But the Tea Party movement wasn’t the problem – none of them were even in office yet!  It was neocon slime like Lindsey Graham leading the charge.  So get your heads out of your partisan rears and get your butts in gear.


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