Eric Cantor loses to a liberty-Republican – Professor Brat


As a young college professor myself, sickened by the old “liberal” establishment that still dominates academia, I was delighted to see a liberty minded Republican professor (Dave Brat) win a GOP primary against the establishmentarian Eric Cantor.  I’m mainly posting this to link you to Jack Hunter’s article, which explains this very effectively.  I’m just going to add a few notes, then ask that you follow the link below.  My previous post lamented Lindsey Graham’s victory, and I’m not surprised that the mainstream media is jumping on the opportunity to discredit the Tea Party movement.  However, Graham won not because of his own popularity, but because the Tea Party fumbled that one.  Their best alternative was Lee Bright.  A principled candidate?  Yes.  But he was a terrible candidate.  He accused Graham of being sympathetic to the “Muslim Brotherhood”!  What?!  If the Tea Party is going to run candidates like that, they are going to lose.  Fortunately, the Tea Party picked in winner in Virginia.  They picked a dignified, principled professor (WOW!  Talk about outside the box!) who took Cantor to task for the kind of big government hypocrisy we expect from establishment Republicans.  Professor Brat, soon to be Congressman Brat, proved that the Tea Party is not just some right wing lunatic fringe of the GOP.  Do right winged lunatics find a home in the Tea Party? Yes, unfortunately.  But that’s not what the Tea Party is all about.  An educated, principled candidate who cares about the people can win, and did this time.  Now, please read Hunter’s article for a better perspective on this:

My previous post, lamenting Graham’s victory:

The Nation’s John Nichols has an interesting take on this also:



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