Being Green – Regardless of “Global Warming”


I honestly do not know if global warming is caused by pollution, or is part of a natural climate cycle that will eventually shift to global cooling.  I keep hearing this statistic “97% of climate scientists” believe pollution causes global warming.  That sounds scary.  However, I’ve spent enough time in academia to know that a “consensus” can develop, corner an entire field of study, and turn out to be wrong.  It’s certainly possible that “climate science” is dominated by global warming dogmatists who quickly dismiss skepticism of what they think should be a scientific law.  I am learning, however, that a growing number of respectable scientists in related fields, not specifically “climate scientists” are growing skeptical.  I’m not even going to attempt to answer the question in this blog post, but rather I will give virtually irrefutable arguments for why we should care about the environment with or without man-made global warming.

Let’s go with a top 5 list:

5.         Green technology can be more cost-effective…in time.  As oil, coal, etc. become increasingly scarce, and prices increase, our economy will need alternative sources of energy to avoid an economic depression.  Imagine if gas prices quadrupled, and electricity costs doubled?  Companies would have to raise prices on goods just to cover their overhead, and this would drastically decrease sales, and…well you see where that is going.  With more research, sources such as wind turbines, solar, and hydro are becoming less expensive.  We’re even looking into harnessing those heat traps called parking lots to turn that heat into energy!  We should encourage research and innovation for our economic future, as well as the next reasons as follows.

4.         Landfills take up space, and are hard to clean.  Plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, meaning that all those plastic bottles and bags in our landfills aren’t going away for a long time.  As our population grows, we are running out of space for landfills, not to mention wasting the resources used to make plastic and other such materials.  This is why we should recycle, at least plastic and metal.  This will result in less space in landfills, and more efficient use of limited resources.

3.         We all drink water, and most of us eat fish.  Anytime a company or individual pollutes the ocean, lakes, rivers, etc. it affects us all.  I never understand my libertarian friends who criticize government efforts to reduce pollution such as this.  What gives you the right to pollute the water I drink?  Or the seafood I consume?

2.         We all breath air.  What gives anyone the right to pollute the air that we all breath?  At least with water, you could filter it, distill it, etc. and you don’t necessarily need seafood to survive.  But air?  We would suffocate without it!  The more we pollute the air, the more we hurt our overall health.  Why should I get lung cancer just because you think you have a right to spew filthy carbon into the air we all breath, just because the source is your own private property?

1.         We can’t make more oil, and we can’t make more coal.  These are “fossil fuels” taken from the earth that cannot be replaced.  In theory, once we use up all the oil…it’s gone.  It won’t be quite that bad because oil prices will likely spike so high before that happens that we’d have to switch to other sources by then.  With that said, do we want energy prices to suddenly spike, or would we rather start making the transition now while we can still do so comfortably?  Oil in particular has other uses, such as in making plastic, polyester, and much more.  Why burn it up on gas guzzlers now when we already have more fuel efficient vehicles?  I don’t care what you say…if you drive some big gas guzzler just for image, and have no practical use for it, you are selfish.  If you need a truck because you mow lawns and have lots of equipment, fine.  But don’t go driving a huge truck that gets 10 miles on the gallon just because it makes you feel like a “real man”!  Grow a pair and get a car!

In conclusion, it frustrates me to no end when environmentalists harp “global warming theory”, while opponents scoff at it.  When there are much more sensible arguments right under your nose, why go with the one that’s questionable?  To my green friends, get a grip!  Raise your game!


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