“Feminist” and Gun Control Opportunism will Inevitably Fail


Every time some lunatic takes a gun, legal or illegal, and goes on a killing spree, the gun control advocates pounce on the opportunity to demand more gun control.  Each time – they fail.  There are far too many critical thinking Americans to denounce their emotionally charged absurdity with counterpoints such as, “Just because guns are made illegal, doesn’t mean they can’t get them on the black market”, or “They could also kill lots of people with a pipe bomb.  How can you regulate that?”  The gun control argument is absurd, because it rests on the underlying assumption that criminals and lunatics will obey the law, or lack imagination and resourcefulness.

However, the recent tragedy is Santa Barbara, CA, has given the authoritarian left a new line of argument.  It’s those darned misogynists!  So a very shy young man with Asperger’s, who felt socially isolated and desperate for the love of a woman, ended up hating women due to his lack of success and went on a killing spree.  Is it accurate to call this man a misogynist?  Well certainly many of his statements in that last video fit the definition.  However, when men like myself (who are often called “misogynists”) get defensive and say, “Hey!  I’ve never killed or raped a woman” the response from the “feminist” left is a snarky, “So should we give you an award?  You want a cookie?”  Of course not!  I just don’t want them telling me that I have to embrace their bastardized version of feminism, and throwing this tragedy in my face to try to coerce me.  I’m sorry for what happened, I really am.  But I am in no way responsible for it, I’d love to take steps to try to stop this from happening in the future, and I don’t deserve to be clumped into a category called “misogynist” and effectively blamed for supporting the kind of culture that caused the tragedy, just because I have a different point of view from the dogmatic left.

I’m sure that in time, as with the gun control debate, truth will prevail.  Women are often much smarter than “feminists” give them credit for, and are not so easily moved beyond reason by emotionally charged accusations of “hate crimes” and “misogyny”.  Unfortunately for the “feminist” left, the facts really aren’t on their side here.  For one thing, 4 of the 6 slain were men.  Also, those 4 men were stabbed to death.  (Read the facts here).  Aside from that, this young man’s videos show that in his own mind, he was a “perfect gentleman” and actually disdained “cavemen”, you know, the kind of men these “feminists” are supposed to hate so much?  Those chauvinists?

Before truth prevails, however, much social damage will be done.  MRA groups will be compared to Nazis, fascists, and whoever else the “feminists” want to blame. (Maybe the Tea Party?)  The feminist label will enjoy a small increase in popularity before the absurdity of this is fully exposed.  But in the long run, the temporary disdain for the MRAs will die back down, while the “feminist” label will come off looking even more ridiculous than it already does.  The long-term victims of this will be respectable feminists such as Christina Sommers, who will have a far more difficult task in trying to save feminism.  Ironically, the greatest injustice by these so called “feminists”, is against actual feminists.


CNN is getting to the root of the problem here, and you can see how much hate they’re getting in the youtube comments:



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