Rand Paul Supporters can learn from Obama’s Mistakes


Let me start with my confession.  In 2008, I was…an Obama supporter!  (Gasp)  Yes, it is true.  I remember the feeling of hopelessness during the Bush era.  I remember watching with horror as our civil liberties were eroded, unaffordable wars were launched, the national debt soared, and our jobs went to China…the very people who loaned us money to fight the pointless war in Iraq.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m no “liberal” by far.  But by the end of the Bush era, the libs weren’t sounding so bad.

We can debate Obama’s intentions all we like, but it no longer matters.  He is in his second term, and will soon be finished.  Obama and his supporters were certainly wide-eyed when he was inaugurated.  I’ll never forget that day, with a -$16 checking account balance, a short term job I was about to lose, and a broken down old car, hearing Obama say “Change has come to America”.  I truly believed it then, and even today, I truly believe that Obama meant it at the time.  Many of you reading this despise Obama, and that’s OK.  Just keep reading.  I’m not writing this to defend Obama at all, but to help us learn from his mistakes. To prove my point, I’m about to explain what really happened with health care reform, but this is only one of many examples I could use.

In 2008, Obama criticized Hilary Clinton’s plan for a health care mandate, and instead proposed a public option.  Obama didn’t want to make us buy health insurance, he wanted to give us a choice.  But the health insurance lobby preferred the mandate.  Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson, both receiving heavy contributions from the health insurance industry, joined the Republican led filibuster.  Unlike the Republicans, however, Lieberman and Nelson were willing to support health care reform, provided that A. we would be forced to buy private health insurance, and B. there would be no public option.  Obama ran against this very plan, and threatened to veto it.  However, Bill Clinton got to him.  Clinton told Obama that if he didn’t pass this, the Democrats would take a beating in 2010, and he’d really be in no position to pass anything anymore.  He’d have to do whatever the Republicans wanted…or do nothing at all.  But if you just pass this one bill, and defend it, you’ll still be able to do other good things.  Be reasonable Obama!  Be reasonable.

And so he was.  When Obama signed that bill, he was signing away his soul.  I was in denial about it until Obama signed the NDAA of 2012, allowing for the indefinite detention of suspected terrorists without a trial.  To my fellow Rand Paul supporters, I think we all agree that Rand has every intention of making a difference for the better.  But we must learn from Obama’s mistakes.  If Rand can pull this off, if he is inaugurated in January 2017, and if he does not check his soul at the door, they will come after him.  Who are they?!  The establishments of both parties.  If we keep the same old Republicans and the same old Democrats in Congress, all of our efforts to elect Rand Paul will be pointless.  The military budget will continue to cripple our economy, “Obamacare” will continue, something even worse than the NDAA of 2012 will be passed, and forget about auditing the FED.  If Rand Paul is elected President, he will need a Congress he can work with.  I’m not saying vote out every single incumbent…just every single tool (in other words, most of them.)  Forget about “left” or “right”, and forget about party affiliation.  Better to have a Bernie Sanders with a soul, than the guy with the “R” next to his name, touting his loyalty to the Republican Party, and serving the interest of every last campaign contributor while showing up on FOX 8 days a week to bask in their praise.  Sanders is no libertarian, no conservative, and certainly no Republican.  He will likely oppose many of Rand’s policies, such as entitlement reform.  However, Sanders is no party stooge.  He has his own principles, including a genuine desire to audit the FED and rein in military spending.  In other words, Sanders won’t filibuster anything and everything Rand Paul attempts.  He will work with Rand at least on matters where they agree.

If you care about this country, and indeed Rand Paul’s very soul, consider this.  Rand can work with Bernie (I).  Rand can work with Mike Lee (R).  He can work with Joe Manchin (D) John Barrow (D), Justin Amash (R), Pat Toomy (R), and I could go on.  Rand cannot work with the neocon establishment, however.  He cannot work with McCain, Graham, Rubio (yes, he’s one of them), Corker, McConnell, etc. I think it goes without saying that he also cannot work with Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, or Harry Reid. If there are even 41 of them left in 2016 in the Senate, they will break Rand just like they broke Obama.  The Rand Paul you see in 2020 might not be the same person anymore, much like Winston leaving the Ministry of Love in Orwell’s “1984”.  Room 101 awaits.  One man cannot bring down Big Brother, but enough of us banned together, with many different backgrounds and many different ideologies – we can do this!  Down with Big Brother!


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