Manchin is right – the Koch brothers are not evil


Senator Manchin is 1 of…1 Democrats I respect in the Senate.  For the record, I am deeply concerned about the obscene amount of money in politics, and that would include the amount of money coming from the Koch brothers.  With that said, I am sick of the demonization campaign coming from the likes of Harry Reid and other cutthroat career politicians in the Democratic Party trying to demagogue.  The Koch brothers are very wealthy oil tycoons who are far from sainthood, but they do create jobs as Manchin said, and they certainly have the right to support the political causes they believe in.  I do not doubt their intentions.  I think the Koch brothers are right-libertarian minded Americans who are doing what they believe to be right for the country.  I do not believe it fair that they should have such incredible influence by virtue of having lots of money, and I fully support Bernie Sanders’s efforts to amend the US Constitution so that this money can be limited.

However, the Koch brothers do not deserve the slander that is coming from the Dem. Party establishment, who hypocritically does not hold their own contributors (such as George Soros, Verizon Wireless, or Progressive Insurance) to the same standards.  I applaud Sen. Manchin for having the courage to stand up to his party establishment.  And I am one of those people he’s talking about.  I’m sick of extreme Republican politics and extreme Democratic poltics.  “We’ve gotta start being Americans again.”

Now let’s see if Manchin is punished by the left-wing thought police.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel Madcow goes on the attack.  She has a pattern of attacking Democrats who dare to think for themselves, and I think Manchin might soon find himself a target of her hyperbole.  She’ll do some digging and learn that Manchin…took money…from people with money!  Oh the humanity!  He’s just evil!  I don’t watch anything on MSNBC other than Morning Joe, but maybe we’ll see on youtube clips if my prediction is correct.


The Politico article with Sen. Manchin’s defense of the Koch brothers:


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