Lindsey Graham’s Syria deception on Crossfire


Either Lindsey Graham is deceiving the American people, or he is an idiot.  I don’t think Graham is an idiot.  Today on CNN’s Crossfire, as he spoke of the need to remove the Assad regime in Syria, he also warned about the growing number of Al Qaeda.  He said there are “26,000 Al Qaeda” combatants in Syria now, there were “500 three years ago”.  Then he added that “there will be 40,000 a year from now”*.

For those of you who don’t already see it, let me spell it out for you.  In Syria, the Assad regime IS NOT Al Qaeda, IS NOT supporting Al Qaeda, but is actually fighting Al Qaeda.  So if Al Qaeda’s growth in Syria is the problem, why should our solution be to take out Assad, who is an opponent of Al Qaeda?!  That would be like if we had tried to win WWII by attacking the Soviet Union!  Graham is not an idiot, but the people who vote for him?  You know the type.  “Why do you hate Uh’mer’ca?!”  Yeah, that type.  To them, all brown people look alike.  They can’t tell Al Qaeda from Assad, from a Hindu!  Graham is counting on that.  He knows that the average neoconned viewer from his constituency will hear this and think, “Well we gotta do somethin’!  We can’t let Al Qaeda keep growin’.  So let’s go blow us up some Moslems!”

Let me set the record straight.  If we take out Assad, we’re doing Al Qaeda a favor.  So my last question, and I’m going to leave this open, is why does Lindsey Graham want to take action that will help Al Qaeda?

*I was careful to only put in quotes what I am sure are Graham’s exact words.  Feel free to look up the Crossfire for 3/6/2014 if you want to double check and ensure that I didn’t quote him out of context.  I forgot the DVR it, so I wasn’t able to rewind and get the full quote.


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