Is Joe the Plumber a hypocrite for taking a union job?


So the Daily Kos, a subsidiary of the left-wing Ministry of Truth*, have decided that Joe the Plumber (Samuel Wurzelbacher) is contradicting himself for taking a union job at Chrysler.  When I started reading this, I was expecting maybe an anti-union quote from Joe, but then I noticed it was a Daily Kos article, and my expectations rapidly diminished.  After reading the article, it seems that their basis for argument rests on 3 positions he takes that supposedly contradict his decision to take a union job, and they are as follows: he is pro-gun, he hates high taxes, and he’s anti-Obama.  What on earth does any of this have to do with joining a union?!

Joe defended himself by saying, “Private unions, such as the UAW, is a choice between employees and employers. If that is what they want then who am I to say you can’t have it?”  Exactly Joe!  Joining a union does not mean you must conform to every rank-in-file leftwing political position there is, or even that you have to be a Democrat.  It means you pay your union dues, and enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining.  You may need to engage in a strike at some point if it comes to that, but there’s no reason a gun loving Republican can’t join a union.  But by Daily Kos’s logic, unions are on the left wing, and guns are on the right wing, so you can’t have both!  Daily Kos did have a half decent argument with their claim that Obama saved Chrysler, and Joe was anti-Obama.  However, Obama didn’t save Chrysler.  He tried with the bailouts.  But Chrysler continued to fail until an Italian company Fiat bought them up.  If Joe owes a debt of gratitude to someone for saving that job he now has, it’s Fiat!

The Daily Kos has proven yet again that they are nothing more than a narrow-minded pseudo-liberal rag.  Their limited dichotomous view of politics is largely responsible for the gridlock and dysfunction of our government today.  If anyone tries to tell you it’s all the Republicans fault, just remember how groups like Daily Kos thought policed the Democratic Party to drive out the old Blue Dogs (the last sane Democrats), and now even thought-police Republicans who don’t fit neatly into the left/right paradigm.  Well, Joe is an individual, and an American, and he’s free to think for himself, as are we all.

*Disclaimer:  I do not literally believe that there is a Ministry of Truth or “thought-policing”.  I love referencing George Orwell’s literature and I often use his concepts metaphorically to describe the many agents of conformity to the dichotomous left/right view of politics.  I believe, however, that this is a spontaneous order, not a conspiracy.

Link to original article:–Joe-the-Plumber-takes-a-union-job-at-Chrysler


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