Another Reason that I’m not a Republican (Union busting on Volkswagon)


My politics lean conservative, on average.  I’m pro-life, support a balanced budget achieved mostly by spending cuts, distrust the FED, go to Church, and value family and communities over centralized government.  Yet, I am not, nor ever have been a Republican.  Many wonder why.  Aren’t conservatives supposed to be Republican?

There are certain Republicans that I respect, but I’ve never seen the party as genuinely conservative.  This latest act of hypocrisy by Republicans in Tennessee is just another example of why I not only refuse to join the GOP, but I loathe the GOP.

So the supposed champions of smaller government, big business, and voluntary solutions by individuals rather than government force are not only opposed to labor unions, but are willing to threaten VW with higher taxes if their workers unionize.  How many of these same Republicans blame unions when jobs go overseas?  Sen. Bob Corker, the head hypocrite here in Tennessee, has long supported “free trade” agreements, and now supports this coercion of VW.

VW is actually OK with the union.  I was once in a union myself when I worked for UPS.  I was also a member of the safety committee.  My strategy was not one of constant conflict and strike threats.  I much preferred to work with union leaders and management to improve safety conditions and save valuable workers from injuries, and time lost from work.  Unions don’t have to be hostile.  They can be beneficial to a company, and I think VW gets that.  But the GOP just can’t stand it can they?  They love to complain of how unions hurt businesses and jobs, but the only ones I see hurting jobs right now are those Republicans with their BIG GOVERNMENT intrusion into the private sector.

I’m a conservative because I believe that communities have their own traditions and their own way of life worth conserving.  Friends, neighbors, co-workers, managers, employees, church goers, volunteers, etc. are much better fit to solve most problems than the government.  Few Republicans get this, and that is why I am not one of them.

2 thoughts on “Another Reason that I’m not a Republican (Union busting on Volkswagon)

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